Unforgettable Style: Lessons in Timeless Style: Iris Apfel’s Fashion Legacy Lives On at 102″


Iris Apfel, a renowned fashion icon and interior decorator, passed away at the age of 102 at her home in Palm Beach. Born in 1921, she was fascinated by her grandmother’s scraps of unused fabric and founded Old World Weavers, an international textile manufacturing company, with her husband Carl in 1950.

Apfel’s eye for detail led to collaborations with many designers and brands, including the White House, where fabric she designed was displayed in the Gold Room. In 2005, she became the first person, not a fashion designer, to be the subject of an exhibit at the Costume Institute at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Apfel has an IMDB listing for appearances in “Iris,” the 2014 documentary about her, and in 2010’s “Bill Cunningham: New York.” In 2019, at the age of 97, Iris signed a contract with modeling agency IMG and was featured in ads for brands like M.A.C. Cosmetics and Kate Spade. The author Leandra Medine Cohen wrote a blurb for Iris, “Accidental Icon,” stating that personal style really originated with Iris.


At the amazing age of 102, fashion queen Iris Apfel, who was renowned for her bold approach to fashion and varied style, sadly left this world. Her influence is enduring, leaving a wealth of priceless style advice in her wake. Let’s explore Iris’s extraordinary life and fashion sense, honoring her lasting influence on the industry.

The Formative Years: An Adventure in Clothes

Take a trip back in time to Iris’s formative years and discover the inspiration behind her love of style and fashion. Learn about the influences that formed her recognizable look as she rises from humble beginnings to the status of a style maven.

Accepting Uniqueness: The Iris Apfel Method

The core principles of Iris’s style philosophy are appreciating individuality and embracing distinctiveness. Explore her nontraditional approach to fashion, where the importance of self-expression and norms meant to be disregarded are paramount.

Accessory Power: Creating a Statement

The key components of Iris’s distinctive style are her accessories. Discover how she used the skill of accessorizing to create daring and alluring looks with ease, demonstrating that every ensemble is an opportunity to stand out.

Vibrant Colors and Patterns: Accepting Liveliness

Iris Apfel dared to break convention by embracing bright colors and patterns in a world where bland colors are sometimes the norm. Discover the transformational impact of color in fashion by examining the vivid palette of her clothes.


Redefining Fashion Beyond Ages with Ageless Beauty

Iris dismantled age stereotypes and demonstrated that fashion is ageless. Explore her theory of timeless beauty, which prioritizes self-assurance and confidence over social conventions.

Unusual Pairings: The Craft of Combining and Equipping

Iris’s daring sense of style is seen in her ability to put unusual looks together. Discover her distinctive style of mixing and matching, where unusual pairings give classic clothing a fresh look.

Using Fashion to Express Yourself: Crafting Your Style Narrative

Fashion is a means of self-expression, not just clothes. Learn how Iris Apfel told her story through fashion, encouraging people to embrace their true selves and chart their own personal style journeys.

A Heritage of Empowerment: Motivating Upcoming Generations

Beyond the realm of fashion, Iris Apfel’s influence will continue to inspire and empower upcoming generations. Examine the effects of her daring way of living and dressing, making a lasting impression on the globe.

Honoring the Legacy of a Fashion Icon: Iris Apfel

We salute Iris Apfel’s life and legacy as a great fashion icon whose impact transcends all boundaries. Let her uniqueness and boldness serve as an inspiration to future generations.

In summary


We pay tribute to Iris Apfel’s brazen personality, steadfast confidence, and unmatched sense of style as we celebrate her incredible career in the fashion industry. Her legacy serves as a prompt to value uniqueness, speak our minds fearlessly, and compose our own distinct fashion narrative.


In what ways did Iris Apfel impact the fashion sector?

Iris Apfel’s embrace of individualism and celebration of distinctiveness transformed the fashion business. Her bold sense of style and unflinching confidence served as an inspiration to people all around the world, including designers and fashion fans.

What important lessons about style can we draw from Iris Apfel’s approach?

We learned from Iris Apfel to accept our uniqueness, play around with style, and use our clothes as a brave way to communicate who we are. She underlined how crucial self-assurance and confidence are to pulling off great style moments.

What was Iris Apfel’s go-to piece of jewelry?

Iris Apfel was known for her extensive collection of accessories, but she also frequently admitted to being fond of statement jewelry and large glasses. These recognizable items, which gave flair to every outfit, came to be associated with her particular style.

How did Iris Apfel change the perception of age in the fashion world?

Iris Apfel defied ageism in the fashion business by embracing colorful and daring styles and trends long into her older years. Her bravery and self-assurance cleared the path for further inclusivity.

What kind of legacy does Iris Apfel leave behind?

Beyond the world of fashion, Iris Apfel’s legacy represents the strength of uniqueness, imagination, and self-expression. People of different ages are still motivated to embrace their individuality and lead genuine lives under her influence.

How can we wear our clothes in an Iris Apfel-inspired manner?

If you want to wear clothing in the vein of Iris Apfel, emphasize statement accessories, vivid hues, and unafraid experimentation. Accept uniqueness, combine unusual things, and let your sense of style come through in the clothes you wear.

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