“Epic Showdown: Atlético Madrid’s Thrilling 4-2 Victory Over Real Madrid Sparks Quarterfinal Fever!”

Atlético Madrid defeated Real Madrid 4-2 in extra time and qualified for the quarterfinals of the Copa del Rey; Barcelona also advances.

Atlético de Madrid secured qualification for the quarter-finals of the Copa del Rey on Thursday (18) by defeating Real Madrid 4-2 in extra time, avenging their recent defeat in the semi-finals of the Spanish Super Cup.

A goal by Samuel Lino (39′) put Atlético ahead, but just before half-time, Jan Oblak conceded a self-goal (45’+1) to level the score.

In the second half, Álvaro Morata scored (57′) to make it 2-1 for ‘Atleti,’ and Joselu equalized again in the final moments (82′), sending the game to extra time, where Frenchman Antoine Griezmann (100′) and Rodrigo Riquelme (119′) secured the victory for the ‘Colchoneros.’

This was a golden moment for the French player, who had recently been honored as Atlético de Madrid’s all-time top scorer at the beginning of the match, now boasting a total of 175 goals.

Atlético’s coach Diego Simeone said, “The boys gave their all, we explained the game very well, and we achieved a very important victory.”

Thus, Atlético de Madrid avenged the 5-3 defeat suffered against their arch-rivals in the semi-finals of the Spanish Super Cup just a week ago.

Real Madrid maintained their unbeaten streak at the Wanda Metropolitano, where they have faced only two losses this season.

After the match, Carlo Ancelotti, the coach of the Whites, said, “They gave everything. I have nothing to complain about.”


Atlético took the lead –

Atlético entered the field with intensity in front of their fans, putting pressure on Real Madrid, who tried to escape the host team’s dominance by providing long passes to Vinicius, Rodrigo, and Jod Belligham.

Englishman Posit (5′) had the opportunity to put his team ahead with a shot on target.

Real Madrid gradually relieved the pressure from Atlético with quick counterattacks.

Oblak shone when he saved a shot from point-blank range by his teammate José María Jiménez, attempting to clear it but ended up conceding an own goal (45’+1).

After the break, the match continued with both teams trying to create pressure on their opponents, but Atlético scored first.

Griezmann shines –

Morata capitalized on a lost ball in the box after a cross, putting Atlético back in the lead on the scoreboard (57′).

With the advantage, Atlético retreated, allowing Real Madrid to enter their area in search of an equalizer, leading to the game heading towards a draw.

Rodrigo warned with a shot after a crossbar (76′), and shortly afterward, Joselu, who had just come on for Rodrigo (80′), scored with a header at the far post, leveling everything (82′) and taking the game to extra time.

In extra time, Griezmann broke free (100′) and calmly broke the tie without any opposition from the Real Madrid defenders.

Real Madrid made every effort to find an equalizer in search of a draw, but Rodrigo Riquelme took advantage of the spaces left behind and helped score the fourth goal, securing qualification (119′).

“When the game was level, we could have performed better. We had control; we didn’t need to force a fantastic game, and we didn’t. That was the key,” expressed Ancelotti with regret. Barcelona suffers but qualifies.

Earlier, Barcelona had to face some difficulties against Unionistas de Salamanca but qualified for the quarterfinals of the Copa del Rey by defeating the Spanish third-division team 3-1.

The home team took the lead with a beautiful shot from Álvaro Gómez (31′), but Feran Torres equalized for Barcelona (45′) just before half-time.

In the second half, Jules Koundé gave Barcelona the lead (69′), and Alejandro Balde secured qualification (73′) with a goal for Blaugrana.

Barcelona’s coach, Xavi Hernández, said in the press conference, “We had to suffer. Their goal was a great goal and made things difficult for us. But the team gained confidence and morale.”

In the remaining Copa del Rey fixtures, Athletic Bilbao and Sevilla emerged victorious, securing their spots in the quarter-finals.

Athletic Bilbao showcased an impressive performance against their opponents, advancing to the quarterfinals with a convincing victory. Meanwhile, the clash between Atlético de Madrid and Real Madrid in the Copa del Rey added another chapter to their intense rivalry, with Atlético gaining redemption for their recent defeat in the Spanish Super Cup.

As the competition progresses, football fans eagerly anticipate the matchups and drama that the Copa del Rey consistently delivers. The thrilling encounters and unexpected twists further contribute to the tournament’s status as one of the most captivating events in Spanish football.

The quarter-finals promise more excitement and fierce competition as the remaining teams vie for a coveted spot in the semi-finals of the Copa del Rey. The tournament continues to be a showcase of skill, determination, and the enduring spirit of Spanish football.

Epic Showdown: Atlético Madrid’s Thrilling 4-2 Victory Over Real Madrid Sparks Quarterfinal Fever!


Atlético Madrid defeated Real Madrid 4-2 in extra time and qualified for the quarterfinals of the Copa del Rey; Barcelona also advances.

Avenging their recent loss in the Spanish Super Cup semi-finals, Atletico Madrid defeated Real Madrid 4-2 in extra time on Thursday, August 18, to qualify for the Copa del Rey quarterfinals.

Atlético took the lead thanks to a goal from Samuel Lino (39′), but Jan Oblak gave up a self-goal (45’+1) to tie the game just before halftime.

The game went into extra time, where Frenchmen Antoine Griezmann (100′) and Rodrigo Riquelme (119′) sealed the win for the ‘Colchoneros,’ with goals from Álvaro Morata (57′) and Joselu (82′) making it 2-1 for the ‘Atleti’.

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Epic Showdown:

Atlético Madrid’s thrilling 4-2 victory over Real Madrid sparks quarterfinal fever!
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First Half Fireworks

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Real Madrid’s Fightback

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Atlético’s Dominance in the Second Half

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Atlético Madrid’s 4-2 triumph over Real Madrid not only opens a memorable chapter in football history but also sets the stage for an electrifying quarterfinal showdown. The passion, skill, and sheer determination displayed in this epic match resonate with fans worldwide.



How Did Atlético Madrid Secure the Victory?

Atlético Madrid secured their victory through a combination of strategic plays, exceptional teamwork, and precise goal-scoring. The players showcased remarkable skill and determination, leaving an indelible mark on the match.

Who were the star performers in the match?

Key standout players included [Player A], whose remarkable goals set the tone, and [Player B], whose defensive prowess thwarted Real Madrid’s attempts. The collective effort of the team contributed to the thrilling 4-2 victory.

Did Real Madrid have a comeback?

Yes, Real Madrid staged a formidable comeback in the match, displaying resilience and skill. However, Atlético Madrid’s unwavering performance ultimately secured their victory.

How Did the Fans React to the Epic Showdown?

Fan reactions ranged from euphoria to heartbreak, reflecting the emotional rollercoaster of the match. Social media buzzed with passionate discussions, capturing the essence of the football community’s shared experience.

What Does This Victory Mean for Atlético Madrid’s Season?

This victory significantly boosts Atlético Madrid’s momentum, instilling confidence as they progress further in the tournament. The team’s performance sets a high standard for upcoming matches.

Are there any injury concerns after the match?

While both teams fought valiantly, there were a few injury concerns. However, the extent of these injuries and their impact on future matches remain to be seen.

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