“Cowboys’ Dominance: Crushing the Giants 40-0 – A Game-Changer”



cowboys Cowboys handed the New York Giants their worst shutout defeat, winning 40-0.
Date: September 11, 2023,
East Rutherford, NJ – The Dallas Cowboys have not only created some distance between themselves and the New York Giants in the NFC East series but also shown that they are contenders for a division title on Sunday night.

If they continue to play like this throughout the season, owner Jerry Jones may once again have a shot at a championship.
Noah Igbinoghene opened the early series with a touchdown, returning a field goal from 58 yards out, while Deron Blount scored with a pick-six in the first quarter, leaving the Giants embarrassed as the Cowboys started the season with a resounding 40-0 victory on Sunday night.

“This is the first game,” Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott said. “It’s up to all of you to write whatever narratives you need to write. For us, it’s about not getting ahead of ourselves, staying disciplined, and continuing to show discipline. We not only took care of what we did in these four quarters, but we made sure we used it during our preparation this week.”

Tony Pollard scored two short touchdowns, and the Dallas defense forced three turnovers, sacking Daniel Jones seven times, shutting down the Giants’ offense, and defeating them for the fifth consecutive time in 12 meetings.

The Giants’ shutout loss was their biggest defeat between teams, topping their 35-0 loss to the Cowboys in 1995, also in the Meadowlands in a season-opener. It was the Cowboys’ biggest shutout win in any game, surpassing their 38-0 victory over the Baltimore Colts in 1978.

“I’ve seen this before,” Cowboys edge rusher Micah Parsons said. “I said I can’t wait to get to New York. I knew it was coming. Preparation goes along with production. There’s no one that can beat this. We’ve felt this before. We’ve been in wars before. We know the standard.”
This was considered a game that showed how the Giants closed the gap with Dallas and reigning NFC champion Philadelphia in the NFC East.

Enough said.
The Cowboys needed nothing more than Prescott and their offense to get the job done. They got two field goals from new kicker Brandon Obre, and Pollard added Dallas’ first touchdown on a 2-yard run between the tackles in the second quarter to give the Cowboys a 26-0 halftime lead.

The halftime shutout margin was the fourth-largest for a home team in Week 1, with the largest being the Eagles trailing the Bucks 34-0 in 1988. The others were the Steelers (30-0 against the Browns in 1989) and the Colts (27-0 against the Rams in 1954).
After Ezekiel Elliott was given a break during the offseason, Pollard, who was leading the Cowboys, ran for a 1-yard touchdown in the third quarter. Kavonte Turpin added a 7-yard TD run in the fourth.

The opening series took a turn for the worse for the Giants. New York took the opening kickoff, slipped on the field, and after Saquon Barkley and Jones’ runs, Dallas reached the 8. On second-and-goal, left tackle Andrew Thomas moved prematurely, and rookie center Jon-Michael Schmitz had a bad snap that moved Jones back to the 27.

Graham Gano’s 45-yard field goal attempt was blocked by Jonathan Thomas, who reached between the line to swat it away and prevent the kick, saying he was fighting an even worse illness.
The game was never close afterward, showing how poorly the Giants played. Gano missed a 36-yarder with 1:05 remaining after having hit a 45-yard field goal by Obre.

Giants head coach Brian Daboll made no excuses after the game and credited Dallas for the performance.
Second-year head coach Joe Judge, who took the Giants to the playoffs last season, said, “I’m focused on correcting things, and there’s a lot to correct. This is a game. This wasn’t good play, and I’m not going to make it more than it is. This was a bad game, and the responsibility falls on me.”

Jones completed 15 of 28 passes for 104 yards with a quarterback rating of 32.4. Prescott completed 13 of 24 passes for 143 yards, defeating the Giants for the 11th consecutive time.
Sterling Shepard, the Giants’ longest-tenured player, said, “One loss doesn’t define our season.” “It’s gotten corrected quickly, and we have to get back to work as soon as possible.”

Cowboys: LG Tyler Smith was inactive Monday due to a hamstring injury. CB Anthony Brown took his place.
Giants: CB Donte Banks left the field late in the first half due to cramps and did not return. He cleared the blocked field goal attempt. He said he’s battling worse illnesses.
Before the game, US Open champion Coco Gauff was on the field. The 19-year-old defeated Aryna Sabalenka 2-6, 6-3, 6-2 in the final on Saturday to win her first Grand Slam title. This was Thomas’ first blocked field goal in his career.

The Dallas Cowboys’ dominant victory over the New York Giants sent a clear message early in the NFL season. It was a statement game that showcased the Cowboys’ potential to not only win the NFC East but also make a strong playoff run. Dak Prescott, the Cowboys’ star quarterback, demonstrated his leadership and composure, leading his team to a resounding 40-0 victory.

The Cowboys’ defense was relentless, sacking Giants quarterback Daniel Jones seven times and forcing three crucial turnovers. The performance of the defense was reminiscent of the Cowboys’ dominant era in the 1990s, characterized by their “Doomsday Defense.” Micah Parsons, a standout in the game, exemplified the team’s defensive prowess with his exceptional pass-rushing skills.

Offensively, the Cowboys displayed versatility and depth. Tony Pollard, in particular, showcased his ability to make an impact with two short-yardage touchdowns. Brandon Obre, the new kicker for the Cowboys, added to the team’s scoring with two field goals, demonstrating the importance of special teams.

The Giants, on the other hand, faced significant challenges throughout the game. Their offensive line struggled to contain the relentless Cowboys pass rush, leaving Daniel Jones under constant pressure. This led to multiple turnovers and a difficult night for the Giants’ offense.
Despite the tough loss, Giants coach Brian Daboll emphasized the need for improvement and acknowledged the Cowboys’ strong performance. He promised to address the issues and work towards a better showing in the upcoming games.

In contrast, the Cowboys celebrated their impressive start to the season. The victory not only bolstered their divisional standing but also fueled hopes of a championship run. The team’s unity and disciplined approach were evident, and they seemed determined to continue their winning streak throughout the season.

The shutout victory against the Giants served as a reminder of the Cowboys’ potential to be a dominant force in the NFL this season. With key players like Prescott and Parsons leading the way, the Cowboys are poised to make a strong playoff push and contend for the coveted Super Bowl title.

The game also had some interesting moments, with US Open champion Coco Gauff making an appearance before the kickoff. Gauff’s victory in the tennis world added to the excitement surrounding the Cowboys’ impressive win.

In conclusion, the Dallas Cowboys’ commanding victory over the New York Giants was a defining moment early in the NFL season. It showcased their defensive prowess, offensive depth, and potential for a championship run. As the season progresses, football fans can expect more exciting moments and intense matchups as the Cowboys aim to continue their winning streak.

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