Deion and Colorado are the focus of this week’s College Football: Week 3 Picks, DFS Plays, and Podcast Highlights.

Deion and Colorado are the focus of our Week 3 picks


Deion and Colorado are the focus of our Week 3 picks, DFS plays, and podcast for college football.

This week, Boulder, Colorado, is the destination of all college football roads.

For the past two weeks, I have had my Deion and Colorado are the focus of this week’s College Football: Week 3 Picks, DFS Plays, and Podcast Highlights. doubts about Deion Sanders’ Colorado Buffaloes, and each time, Deion has had the last laugh.

As though Deion is truly reading this post at all. He is currently 2-0, whereas I am 0-2 when betting against them.

That’s not all, though.

Coach Prime is successful off the field, too. Deion has been able to seize the attention of the media by the ear and force them to give the latest deion sanders news Deion not just some but all of their attention in the realm of college football.

You don’t trust Deion? This Saturday, turn on the TV to see the pregame program. For the second consecutive week, Big Noon Saturday, which has the rights to most of the Colorado games, is broadcasting live in Boulder and at Deion’s game for the third time in three weeks.

The theme music from College Gameday, “Yin-Yang,” has been retired (RIP Big & Rich). (We’ll be coming to your party every time.) and went with them.

And, as you can see, it makes perfect sense. This week, they play a crucial rivalry game against the winless Colorado State Rams.

The slate is poor, but it is clear that the competition in no way influenced this decision. Deion rapidly gave Colorado importance.

They matter whether they win or lose the remaining games (and yes, I believe there will be lots more losing starting next week).

Every week, it’s TV on demand. Nothing has changed this week.
This slate is bad, as Deion already indicated, so I’ll apologize in advance for what Deion has for you below. Although it isn’t attractive, it is the best Deion can do.

The best Deion had last week was, on the pickings side, once again quite terrible. I am 11-16 to start the year after posting a 4-6 record in week two. There is still a long way to go, but I am certain that we can turn the ledger around. nbc sports deion sanders.

The majority of the week was difficult for the comments as well. Fun fact: Nobody chose Baylor +7.5 over Utah. None of us, not one. loss on all fronts.

Kylefsu02, who finished the week 7-3, was the winner of the week’s comment contest. We’re used to seeing Topnole at the top, but she gave birth to a 3–7 week baby and joined my misery. The other amusing choice from last week’s remarks was AnalyticsNole, who still refused to pick between Miami and Texas A&M. Some people discussed the meteor option but ultimately made their decision. AnalyticsNole recently gave it a F (or, I suppose, a draw).

He outperformed his $4800 salary on DraftKings with 130 total yards, three touchdowns, and four receptions.

Aspire to participate in those picks? Check out Chris and my new podcast, Sharpen the Point, where we go into more detail about these game picks and what is grabbing our attention on the DraftKings Daily Fantasy Sports slates that weekend. Are you new to DFS? Before the major conference schedule kicks off the next week, we can help you comprehend the procedure and gain knowledge. baltimore ravens cornerback

The main takeaways from the week, game-changing injuries, and the wider picture of what could influence the College Football Playoff are also discussed, along with the biggest news in college football.

7th-ranked Penn State Illinois Illini at Nittany Lions (noon ET, FOX) With 130 total yards, three touchdowns, and four receptions, Deion surpassed his $4800 salary on DraftKings.

Do you wish to take part in those picks? Visit Chris and my brand-new podcast, Sharpen the Point, where we discuss these game picks and other topics that caught our eye on the weekend’s DraftKings Daily Fantasy Sports slates in more detail. Are you a new DFS user? We can assist you in understanding the process and gaining expertise before the primary conference schedule begins the following week.

Along with the greatest news in college football, the key lessons from the week, game-changing injuries, and the bigger picture of what could have an impact on the College Football Playoff are also discussed.

Illinois surprised everyone in 2022 thanks to a solid defense and Chase Brown.

But this year, Chase Brown is absent, and there hasn’t been much defense. In Week 1 they gave up 28 points to Toledo, while in Week 2, they gave up 34 points to Kansas. On the other hand, I remarked a few weeks ago that I really admire Drew Allar’s leadership at Penn State this season. In this one,

I anticipate them destroying the Illini. Although Jer’Zhan Newton, a member of that Illinois defensive line, has a chance to be selected in the first round of the 2024 NFL “Thursday Thrills: Predicting the Winner in 49ers The San Francisco- New York Giants NFL Clash” Draft, he needs help.

I’ve repeated it a thousand times after saying it once. I graduated from LSU, so yes, a few weeks ago, I was able to watch that FSU fourth quarter live and in person (really, I live tweeted it from the Tomahawk Nation account). Since that game, Grambling hasn’t really been a challenge for LSU, so this is their next test.

At least in their initial few places, they were able to move the ball well. In Starkville, can Mississippi State achieve the same results? It’s a dangerous situation to face a conference opponent at noon who is the home underdog. Surprisingly, though, LSU has improved in terms of health during the past two weeks.

Transfer RB from Notre Dame This club is starting to resemble the top five team they were in the preseason thanks to the return of Logan Diggs and DT Maason Smith. In addition, I believe that LSU’s shortcomings in Week 1 were outweighed more by what FSU was able to do to LSU.

No. 15 Kansas State Wildcats (-4.5) at Missouri Tigers (Noon ET, SECN): Brian’s Pick: LSU -9.5

I warned you that this week would be disgusting, and it is going to get much worse. At noon, it will be our fourth consecutive home underdog. Someone has to cause a commotion, right? I don’t buy it.
Brian’s Choice: 4.5 for Kansas State

No. 1 Georgia Bulldogs at No. 2 South Carolina Gamecocks (3:30 p.m. ET, CBS)
I don’t want to discuss this selection. I’d rather not watch it. When it’s finished, all I want to do is gaze up and hope I’m right. Sometimes the gut takes precedence over all reason, and I’ll go with that.
Pick by Brian: No. 20 North Carolina Tar Heels vs. South Carolina (+27.5) Minnesota Golden Gophers (+7.5) (3:30 p.m. ET, ESPN)

Another repulsive one. Last week, North Carolina played poorly and came close to losing to Appalachian State. That speaks more to App State’s ability to pull off big upsets than it does about UNC, in my opinion (especially against an intrastate opponent). If not for Jeff Sims doing what he does, this Minnesota club would have fallen to that awful Nebraska team. Heels a long way.

No. 11 Tennessee Volunteers (-6.5) at Florida Gators (7 p.m. ET, ESPN), Brian’s Pick: UNC -7.5
This is yet another home underdog, and it seems like a complete trap. 6.5 seems absurdly low, am I right? After whatever that opening performance for Billy Sun Belt and the boys was, Florida’s victory over McNeese State didn’t change my perspective.

There isn’t much to hang our heads on for Tennessee either, because their strongest opponent thus far has been Virginia. Florida seems to be the best choice in this situation, but since I don’t like them at all, I’m willing to be proven wrong if that’s what it takes to be a hater.

Pittsburgh Panthers (-1.5) at West Virginia Mountaineers (7:30 p.m. ET, ABC), Brian’s Pick: Tennessee -6.5
I am clueless. We require ten games. I’ll forecast a fierce rivalry match and finally bring the house dog here.

Pick of Brian: West Virginia +1.5

Arkansas Razorbacks at BYU Cougars (+8.5) (7:30 p.m. ET, ESPN2)

This season, neither of these teams has faced any opponents. Last season, they put on a 52-35 scoring extravaganza. I doubt there will be many differences this year. BYU has some legitimacy thanks to Kedon Slovis, but I’ll trust a healthy KJ Jefferson to outperform them.


Arkansas Colorado State Rams (+23.5) vs No. 18 Colorado Buffaloes, Brian’s Pick (10 p.m. ET, ESPN)
The major event is now in view. The evening’s ESPN game. This will be our nod to #Pac12AfterDark because the slate is challenging.

I’ll give Shadeur his flowers at this location. He can play basketball and is likely to go in the first round of the QB draft in April. I wonder if he and his father will work well together at the next level. Are you listening, Atlanta?

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