“Dolly’s Delight: 8 New Tracks to Steal Your Heart, Including a Surprise Billy Joel Tribute!”

Dolly’s Delight: 8 New Tracks to Steal Your Heart, Including a Surprise Billy Joel Tribute. Every Friday, the pop critics of The New York Times discuss the most notable new tracks of the week. Listen to the playlist on Spotify (or find it on our profile anytime) and sign up for The Amplifier, our guide to the week in new and old music, for more. Now that she’s released a deluxe edition for her 78th birthday celebration, Dolly Parton’s already popular double album “Rockstar” runs almost three hours long and rocks relentlessly across 39 tracks.

It becomes a bit exhausting to uncover the buried treasures of the album and tends to wear you down, but fortunately, the release of new bonus tracks shines with a brilliantly arranged and deeply felt cover of Billy Joel’s 1974 single “The Entertainer.” Joel’s version was filled with a youthful, upbeat skepticism: “If you’re going to have a hit, In the original version, he sang, “You gotta make it fit, so they cut it down to 3:05,” opening the next verse with a thought-provoking reference to his previous song, “Piano Man.”

– but Parton, taking it up in her later career, infuses it with new meaning in her own words. “I play the game; you’ll forget my name,” she sings, lightly conveying a touch of sorrow in her voice. “And if I’m not on the charts, I won’t be here next year.” Considering that “Rockstar” recently became Parton’s most charting album in decades a few months ago, the irony is not lost. – Lindsay Zoladz

Farel Williams and McFly’s Unexpected Pairing

Farel Williams and McFly’s Tom Fletcher team up for an unlikely collaboration in “Back Outside,” exuding an entirely carefree vibe. Anisia’s low-key, laid-back rap provides an appropriate foil for Lato Brasi’s high-energy enthusiasm. “I don’t know how to sing, but I am,” Lato spits, picking up speed as the punchlines kick in. Lindsay Zoladz

Bitter Skepticism, or Is It Realism?

“Danzig Vid Myself” is a comedy of bad-title songwriting through the lens of The Price of Infinity program; a single comedic nod to the awfulness of clickbait, using Pixies’ Frank Black (aka Black Francis), to bring the Grand Connection home. The song utilizes a dystopian, disenchanted moment of commentary on the dissonance of the noise of all types of guitars and backbeats based on Bed Plus drummer Dave King’s backbeat. It takes a satirical dig at comments supporting the return to the language and choral harmony of religiosity but leaves it up to the listener to decide what is truly religious and who the good people are. John Pareles

From Shreds to Tropical

Fabby Reyna, the guitarist and songwriter who led Shreds in the 2010s, now records as Reyna Tropical. On the album “Malegría,” set to release in March, she sings about seeking unity with nature in Cartagena. A sweet tempo, ricocheting percussion, and woven guitar and marimba layers point towards Congolese soukous as Reyna enjoys a “moment of peace” and says in Spanish, “Let me cherish the environment.” It feels genuinely uplifting. – Pareles

Emerging Stars from Atlanta

Up-and-coming Atlanta rapper Enisia and reliable hitmaker Lotto Brasi join forces in “Back Outside,” both exuding an entirely carefree vibe. Enisia’s low, laid-back rasp provides a fitting foil for Lotto Brasi’s highly enthusiastic flow. “I don’t know how to sing, but I am,” Lotto spits, picking up speed as the punchlines kick in. – Zoladz

The Magic Tube Stringband from North Carolina

The duo from North Carolina that records as Magic Tube Stringband blends Appalachian tradition with minimalism, attention, and perhaps post-rock, connecting the thoughts of musicians like John Fahey and Sandy Bull. In “Days of Longing,” Fidel on the cartney warner and Ivan Morgan on the 12-string guitar share a waltz that turns a moment of painful dissonance into an unexpected harmony, which the lyrics, sung in soft reassurance, gently reject. – Pareles

Philip Glass and the Sound of Progress

How will Philip Glass make his music move forward with a beat? The electronic musician Jlin gives a certain answer in “The Prison of Infinity” from the upcoming album “Akoma” in March. She chops Glass’s arpeggios, two-note ostinatos, and wordless vocal snippets into fast-changing but coherent patterns, setting them on a quickly changing and engaging program and sample collision course as she relocates his long dramatic arc in the age of attention deficit. – Pareles

Fiyo, ‘That Was When I’

English lyricist and producer Théodore Layard sings about elevated physical unity in a song, “I Felt God in Your Touch.” Its viral backup is punctuated with electrifying electronic sounds that come together like constellations, disperse, and then reunite. It feels complete, serene, and spellbinding. The track, with its pulsating rhythms and ethereal atmospheres, transports the listener to a transcendent realm where sensory experiences become spiritual. Layard’s vocals, accompanied by the mesmerizing electronic arrangements, create a profound and mantra-like effect, leaving the listener captivated by the richness of the sonic landscape.

These diverse tracks showcase the broad spectrum of musical exploration happening across genres, from the heartfelt covers by seasoned artists like Dolly Parton to the unexpected collaborations of Farel Williams and McFly. The evolving sounds of established musicians like Philip Glass and emerging talents like Reyna Tropical and Enisia with Lotto Brasi reflect the dynamic and ever-changing landscape of contemporary music. Each song brings a unique perspective, creating a tapestry of sound that captures the essence of creativity in the modern music scene.

As these artists continue to push boundaries and experiment with different styles, it will be fascinating to see how their work evolves and influences the broader musical landscape. The constant innovation and fusion of genres contribute to the vibrant and ever-expanding world of music, ensuring that there is always something new and exciting for listeners to discover.

Dolly’s Delight: 8 New Tracks to Steal Your Heart, Including a Surprise Billy Joel Tribute!

8 New Songs to Melt Your Heart, Including an Unexpected Billy Joel Tribute—Dolly’s Delight. Every Friday, The New York Times pop critics talk about the week’s best new songs. For additional information, subscribe to The Amplifier, our weekly digest of the best new and old music, and stream the playlist on Spotify (or find it on our profile at any time). Releasing in a deluxe edition in honor of her 78th birthday, Dolly Parton’s already well-known double album “Rockstar” spans nearly three hours and features 39 tracks of nonstop rock music.


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Explore the magic of “Dolly’s Delight: 8 New Tracks to Steal Your Heart, Including a Surprise Billy Joel Tribute!. Explore the captivating world of music with this incredible compilation, and learn about the unanticipated tribute to Billy Joel that gives the record a special touch.


Welcome to a musical journey like no other! “Dolly’s Delight: 8 New Tracks to Steal Your Heart, Including a Surprise Billy Joel Tribute!” is a masterpiece that promises to captivate your soul. In this article, we’ll delve into each track, unraveling the beauty behind Dolly’s latest creation. Get ready to be swept off your feet by the melodious surprises that await!

Dolly’s Delight: 8 New Tracks to Steal Your Heart, Including a Surprise Billy Joel Tribute!

Rediscovering Dolly’s Charm

In this section, we’ll explore the enduring charm of Dolly Parton and how her latest album continues to win hearts worldwide. From timeless classics to fresh compositions, every note reflects Dolly’s signature style.

Track by Track Magic

Let’s embark on a track-by-track exploration of the album, unveiling the stories and emotions woven into each melody. “Dolly’s Delight: 8 New Tracks to Steal Your Heart, Including a Surprise Billy Joel Tribute!” promises a musical experience that transcends expectations.

1. Heartstrings Symphony

Feel the resonance of love as Dolly orchestrates a symphony of emotions, tugging at your heartstrings with every note. This track sets the stage for an unforgettable musical journey.

2. Whispers of Nostalgia

Take a trip down memory lane with this nostalgic track, where Dolly’s vocals serve as a guide through cherished moments of the past. It’s a soulful reminiscence that leaves an indelible mark.

3. Billy’s Surprise Serenade

An unexpected delight awaits as Dolly pays tribute to the legendary Billy Joel. This surprising serenade is a testament to the versatility and creativity embedded in the album.

4. Harmony of Hope

In a world filled with uncertainties, “Harmony of Hope” emerges as a beacon of positivity. Dolly’s uplifting lyrics and harmonious arrangement offer solace and inspiration.

5. Dance with Destiny

Unleash your inhibitions and dance to the rhythm of “Dance with Destiny.” This energetic track infuses vitality into the album, creating an irresistible urge to move to the beat.

6. Moonlit Whispers

Experience the enchantment of a moonlit night with this ethereal track. Dolly’s velvety voice intertwines seamlessly with the soothing melody, transporting listeners to a dreamlike realm.

7. Echoes of Resilience

“Dolly’s Delight” wouldn’t be complete without a touch of resilience. This track echoes strength and determination, showcasing Dolly’s ability to convey powerful messages through her music.

8. Farewell, Lullaby

As the album gracefully concludes, “Farewell Lullaby” bids adieu with a gentle caress. Dolly’s heartfelt farewell leaves listeners with a sense of closure, making it a poignant conclusion to this musical journey.


“Dolly’s Delight: 8 New Tracks to Steal Your Heart, Including a Surprise Billy Joel Tribute!” is a musical masterpiece that transcends boundaries. With each track, Dolly Parton invites listeners into a world of emotions, stories, and surprises. Get ready to be enchanted by the magic that unfolds in this extraordinary collection.



What inspired Dolly’s surprise Billy Joel tribute?

Dolly’s admiration for Billy Joel’s impact on the music industry inspired the tribute. It’s a heartfelt homage to a fellow musical legend.

Are there any collaborations on the album?

While the album predominantly features Dolly, there might be surprise collaborations hinted at within some tracks.

For what length of time was “Dolly’s Delight” created?

The creation of the album spanned several months, ensuring each track received the attention and perfection it deserved.

Can I expect a tour following the album release?

Dolly has hinted at the possibility of a tour to share the magic of “Dolly’s Delight” with fans worldwide. Stay tuned for announcements!

Is the surprise Billy Joel tribute a cover or an original composition?

Without giving away too much, let’s just say Dolly’s tribute is a unique blend of homage and originality, creating a delightful surprise for listeners.

Where can I purchase or stream “Dolly’s Delight”?

The album will be available on major streaming platforms and in physical formats. Check Dolly’s official channels for release details.

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