“Dricus Du Plessis and the Hidden Narratives of UFC 297 Victors and Vanquished: Revealing the Remarkable Victories and Challenges.”

Dricus Du Plessis and the Hidden Narratives of UFC 297 Victors and Vanquished: Revealing the Remarkable Victories and Challenges. The first person to step into action as the most unlikely champion of 2023 turned out to be the UFC middleweight king, Sean Strickland. After dethroning pound-for-pound boss Israel Adesanya in the previous year’s biggest upset, Strickland faced off against the challenger, Dricus Du Plessis, for the first time to put his 185-pound title on the line in Toronto, Ontario.

This marked the first octagon championship bout of the year, a five-round showdown billed as the main event of UFC 297 and broadcast on pay-per-view. The co-headlining title match featured Raquel Pennington and Myra Bueno Silva, who occupied the second and third spots. In June, former champion Julianna Pena stepped in to fill the vacant bantamweight title left by Amanda Nunes’ retirement.


On the main card, Canada’s Mike Malott and Mark-Andre Barriault clashed in separate matchups, both occurring on home turf, with the live broadcast starting at 10 p.m. Meanwhile, representatives of True North are involved in all three preliminary fights and three out of four early prelim bouts, beginning at 6:30 PM and 8 PM, respectively.

The B/R fight team was present to break down the real-time list of winners and losers, providing insights and thoughts in the comments section.

Winner: Delivering the Goods

That encapsulated everything a championship’s main event should be.

In the final moments, both fighters exchanged powerful shots, leading to both men throwing their hands in the air in anticipation of victory. However, when Bruce Buffer uttered the phrase “and new,” only one continued the celebration.

In a career spanning over a decade, Du Plessis managed to escape a five-round defeat for the first time, falling into the arms of his corner team and father, elated with a split decision victory, securing two scorecards at 48-47. Balancing out the disagreement in Strickland’s favor.

Du Plessis also held a 48-47 score on the B/R card.

“This is history,” the new champion declared, draped in the South African flag, as a video board displayed the triumphant return to his thrilled fans. “You can maybe stay quiet here and hear them outside.”

They were certainly worthy of a 25-minute celebration.

During the fight preparation, both Strickland and Du Plessis promised a close, captivating scrap, and they delivered. Strickland controlled the first round in the same calculated style that had dismantled Israel Adesanya the previous year, but Du Plessis adjusted, ramping up his aggression in the second, third, and fourth rounds, forcing Strickland to engage on his previously injured leg and mix in takedown attempts. The offensive focus took its toll on Strickland’s defensive guard.

In the fourth, a nasty cut over the champion’s right eye from an elbow at close quarters, then a fifth-round rally where Strickland once again pressed forward but couldn’t do enough, leaving Du Plessis with apparent damage, a looming cardio question, and a tight contest. Strickland didn’t dispute the decision, showing respect to the new champion after a brief post-fight interview before exiting the cage.

“I called it,” he said. “I said this was going to be a f-ing war. Salute to the new champion! Congrats.”

Winner: Completing the Ascent

In Round 5, it was all about perseverance.

As Pendredton stood over Buneo Silva in the final round, raining down kicks on his legs and seeking opportunities to strike with force, his opponent countered by reaching behind his head, bending over, and absorbing the blows on his back.

He was being pummeled. He was tired. And he had no answers.

And Pendredton, the challenger who had suffered a defeat against Nunes in Brazil almost six years ago at UFC 224, was pleased to ensure that history wouldn’t repeat itself in the same manner.

“I got to a point where I knew it wasn’t pretty,” he said. “However, I didn’t give a damn if I was being jeered as I left.”

Now it’s time to get that win and get that belt.”

And he did. Becoming the world champion.

Silva managed to survive until the final horn, but Pendredton’s dominant performance, earning unanimous decisions of 49-46 (twice) and 49-45, was too much to overcome in the waning moments of the fight.

Game. Set. Championship Match.

Yet, when the 35-year-old from Colorado was presented with his new position, the title belt, and a golden T-shirt, he didn’t seem emotionally ready for reality.

“I don’t know. It feels surreal,” he said. “I had to climb mountains to get back here. Believe. I did exactly that.”

Loser: Wrapping Up the Work

The crowd was stunned. The broadcast team was stunned.

No one was more stunned than Mike Malott.

The popular Canadian welterweight contender left nothing to chance in his three-rounder, leaving Neil Magny with only 15 seconds remaining in the first round and many moments before that where the 32-year-old struggled to survive. The UFC could have another fight-of-the-night candidate.

However, it wasn’t due to the serious blows from the fourth-ranked contender but for another reason.

Dominick Cruz, the analyst, said, “This was absolutely unexpected. He did what Neil Magny does.” “He maintained that pace throughout the entire fight. Mike Malott had no answers, no clues about what to do.”

Malott held the boss position for ten minutes, attacking Magny’s left leg with kicks and repeatedly taking him to the mat with takedowns. He maintained that control in the third round and appeared poised for a comprehensive decision before Magny attempted a guillotine choke with a slam, quickly gaining top control and registering a dozen or so ground strikes on the protective Malott before referee Kevin MacDonald intervened at 4:45.

This could be the beginning of a new era for Magny, who celebrated his 22nd win, maintaining a perfect record in the welterweight division. “I knew once I got to that point, I said, ‘Okay, I’m finishing this fight right here,'” Magny said. “It’s a young man’s game. I can do this all day. I knew I had the tank for it in the third round. Nothing new. I can do it all day.”

Loser: Making People Happy

Not if, but when was the question?

Although the eight matchups on the main card weren’t filled with household names, there was more than enough action to satisfy a packed house at the Scotiabank Arena.

The middleweight bout between Quebec native Marc-Andre Barriault and American import Chris Curtis, which had produced a steady stream of boos during and after the second round and plenty of taunting and barking between rounds, continued to escalate in the break, and more yelling and shouting occurred in the corner break, especially after Curtis suggested a score of 0-0 in the slow first round.

Curtis, clearly upset by the reactions, gestured toward the crowd between rounds.

“I don’t know what you guys want,” he said.

He earned a split decision with two 30-27 scores, giving Barriault a 29-28 edge.

Curtis said, “I don’t know what you guys want.” “We’ll do it again. I’m sorry, we didn’t die. We’ll try harder next time.”

“Dricus Du Plessis and the Hidden Narratives of UFC 297 Victors and Vanquished: Revealing the Remarkable Victories and Challenges.”


Dricus Du Plessis and the Hidden Narratives of UFC 297 Victors and Vanquished: Revealing the Remarkable Victories and Challenges.

The UFC middleweight king, Sean Strickland, was the first to take the field as the most unlikely champion of 2023. Strickland defended his 185-pound title in Toronto, Ontario, by facing off against challenger Dricus Du Plessis for the first time after defeating pound-for-pound boss Israel Adesanya in the biggest upset of the previous year.

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10. FAQs: Dricus Du Plessis and UFC 297

What is Dricus Du Plessis’s fighting style?

Dricus Du Plessis is known for his versatile fighting style, combining striking and grappling techniques to keep opponents guessing.

How did Dricus prepare for UFC 297?

Dricus Du Plessis underwent an intensive training camp, focusing on specific aspects of his opponent’s game while refining his own skills.

What challenges did Dricus face in UFC 297?

While Dricus achieved victory, he faced formidable challenges, showcasing the competitive nature of UFC 297.

Are there upcoming matches for Dricus Du Plessis?

Stay tuned for announcements on Dricus Du Plessis’s future matches as he continues his journey in the UFC.

Who were the standout performers in UFC 297?

Aside from Dricus Du Plessis, several fighters showcased exceptional skills, making UFC 297 a memorable event.

How has UFC 297 impacted the MMA landscape?

UFC 297’s outcomes have influenced rankings, storylines, and the overall narrative of the MMA world, creating anticipation for future events.

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