Inter Miami and Lionel Messi were held to a scoreless draw by Nashville SC.


In a highly anticipated collaboration between Lionel Messi and Inter Miami, their recent match against Nashville SC failed to meet expectations, resulting in a scoreless draw. Despite the intense back-and-forth exchanges on the field, Messi was unable to find the back of the net in this rematch of the League Cup final held on August 19 at DRV PNK Stadium.

A Slow Start for Messi in Inter Miami

Messi’s much-awaited debut with Inter Miami did not witness his signature goal-scoring prowess. The game ended without either team managing to score a goal, leaving Inter Miami’s coach, Tata Martino, acknowledging the team’s need for improvement. Despite their rustiness due to a packed schedule of league games, championships, and the previous day’s victory in New York, Martino emphasized the necessity to move forward.

Missed Opportunities for Messi

Throughout the match, Messi had several chances to score from free kicks, a skill he had demonstrated by netting 11 goals in his last nine matches with the MLS club. However, he struggled to replicate his exceptional performance, which had initially captivated Inter Miami fans following his arrival in July.

The draw left both Inter Miami and Nashville SC tied with a single point in the Eastern Conference playoff race. While Inter Miami remains undefeated in their matches, their quest for a playoff spot involves surpassing the average of two points per game in the run-up to the postseason. Unfortunately, their current tally of 4 points after 2 games does not augur well for their playoff aspirations.

A Competitive Eastern Conference

In the context of the Eastern Conference, Inter Miami’s position is challenged by the need to secure a top-nine finish to ensure a spot in the MLS playoffs. With a 10-point gap behind Chicago Fire FC, who have suffered three consecutive losses post-League Cup, Inter Miami is in an intense battle to secure their post-season berth in the pre-Messi era.

Challenges Ahead for Inter Miami

The coming games pose considerable challenges for Inter Miami. Their next opponent, reigning league champions LAFC, will test their mettle. This game is scheduled for Sunday night in Los Angeles, and the absence of midweek fixtures in the MLS provides the team with some valuable rest.

Messi’s Performance and Potential Absences

Reflecting on Messi’s performance against Nashville, it’s evident that fatigue played a role. Despite resting Messi and Sergio Busquets in a recent victory against New York Red Bulls, Coach Martino acknowledged the lingering impact of fatigue on the team’s freshness and performance.

As Inter Miami navigates the path to the MLS playoffs, potential absences loom. With several players, including Messi, possibly called up for national team duties, Martino remains optimistic about the team’s ability to manage the challenges such absences might pose.

A Nail-Biting Conclusion

The match against Nashville ended with a nail-biting sequence of events. Messi’s last-minute attempt in extra time to find the net was unsuccessful, and Nashville’s Hany Mukhtar exhibited aggressive play that ultimately did not yield an advantage. Despite both teams’ efforts, the game concluded in a scoreless draw.

Throughout the match, key moments unfolded. Messi’s shots from free kicks faced hurdles, and Nashville’s attempts to break the deadlock were thwarted. The intensity and drama of the match showcased the dedication and determination of both teams.


In this much-anticipated collaboration between Lionel Messi and Inter Miami, the scoreless draw against Nashville SC left fans hungry for more. Messi’s debut did not witness his trademark magic, and both teams faced challenges in breaking the deadlock. As Inter Miami continues its journey in the MLS, the quest for a playoff spot remains a focal point, and the team’s ability to adapt to potential player absences will be crucial. The match against Nashville served as a testament to the competitive spirit of both teams and the unpredictable nature of football.

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