Nick Bosa’s Mega Deal Shakes the Foundations of MLB, NFL, NBA, and NHL Contracts


Nick Bosa has surpassed the world of football and joined an elite group of athletes.

In the annals of the NFL, non-quarterbacks have achieved the loftiest pecuniary zeniths, and now Nick Bosa has transcended the gridiron realm, entering the echelon of exceptional athletes. Just seven days prior to the San Francisco 49ers’ inaugural clash against the Pittsburgh Steelers, the franchise and their current stalwart on the defensive front inked a five-year extension valued at a staggering $170 million.

Nick Bo delivered an extraordinary performance last season, amassing an astounding 18.5 quarterback takedowns, 51 tackles, two forced turnovers, and 58 instances of pressuring the quarterback (ranking third in the NFL). These superlative statistics garnered him his maiden All-Pro selection and marked his third consecutive Pro Bowl appearance.

Though Bosa’s contract is indeed momentous, it still falls short by a substantial $200 million in comparison to Mike Trout’s extant American sports pinnacle, often dubbed the “Big Four” record. Herein, we delineate how this pact stacks up against analogous agreements in diverse sporting domains.

The Los Angeles Angels bestowed opulent riches upon Mike Trout, securing his services for a dozen years at the eye-popping sum of $426.5 million. This covenant, etched in 2019, remains an enduring testament to Trout’s perennial dominance. Despite grappling with injury-induced limitations, he hoisted the coveted MVP laurel in 2019.

Mookie Betts, a prized asset of the Los Angeles Dodgers, appended his signature to a contract spanning a dozen years and valued at $365 million in the year 2021. Following his acquisition in a transaction with the Boston Red Sox, the Dodgers proceeded to clinch the World Series title and witnessed Betts emerge as a perennial contender for the prestigious MVP award.

Aaron Judge, the towering presence of the New York Yankees, inked a pact encompassing nine years and toting a hefty price tag of $360 million in the year 2022. Following his record-breaking feat of launching 62 home runs in a single season, the Yankees were resolute in retaining their MVP slugger, who proceeded to amass a stellar slash line of 311/.425/.686 in 2022, underscoring his prowess.

Francisco Lindor, donning the colors of the New York Mets, entered into a monumental contract spanning a decade, with an astronomical valuation of $103 million. Despite his stellar on-field exploits, the year 2022 proved arduous for Lindor as the Mets notched 101 wins but faced a setback, bowing out in the National League Wild Card Series, despite Lindor’s postseason fireworks.

Fernando Tatis Jr., a cornerstone of the San Diego Padres, penned a colossal agreement for 14 years, commanding an eye-watering $340 million in the year 2021. Subsequent to sealing this monumental deal, Tatis delivered a stellar campaign, leading the league with 42 home runs and boasting a stellar WAR of 6.6 in the year 2021. Regrettably, injuries and controversies surrounding performance-enhancing substances forced him into a sabbatical, rendering him inactive for the entire 2022 season.

Nick Bosa, an illustrious member of the San Francisco 49ers, now enjoys a five-year commitment worth $170 million, with a staggering 72.1% guaranteed sum, as of the year 2023. Prior to appending his signature to this colossal deal, Bosa etched his name in the annals of the NFL with his league-leading statistics – 18.5 sacks, 51 tackles, two forced turnovers, and 58 instances of quarterback pressure (ranking third in the NFL). These accomplishments culminated in him being honored as the Defensive Player of the Year, securing his maiden All-Pro selection, and notching a third Pro Bowl appearance.

In a historical juncture, Nick Bosa cements his legacy as the highest-earning non-quarterback in NFL history, with a staggering $122.5 million guaranteed in his contract. Remarkably, his brother, Joey Bosa, isn’t far behind, clinching the second position among the highest-paid defenders in terms of total guaranteed compensation, with a formidable $102 million pact.

The Los Angeles Chargers have struck an agreement with Justin Herbert, spanning five years and amounting to $262.5 million, a staggering 83.3% of the total pact, as of the year 2023. Herbert orchestrated the Chargers’ return to the playoffs during the 2022 season, marking the franchise’s first postseason sojourn in four years. Impressively, his 1,316 career passes and 14,089 passing yards in his initial three NFL seasons stand as unrivaled records for any quarterback. His projected earnings for his fourth year under the rookie deal, initially estimated at $4.23 million, have surged to a remarkable $52.5 million, establishing the highest average annual salary in the annals of NFL history.

Lamar Jackson, the dynamic quarterback of the Baltimore Ravens, secured a five-year contract valued at $260 million, amounting to 71.1% of the overall deal, in the year 2023. Jackson’s meteoric rise culminated in him being the unanimous choice for the NFL MVP title in his maiden full season. Over the course of 27 months of arduous contract negotiations, he advocated for his own interests.

Jalen Hurts, the signal-caller for the Philadelphia Eagles, finalized a five-year pact worth $255 million, representing 70.3% of the comprehensive agreement, in the year 2023. In addition to amassing 3,701 passing yards and notching 22 touchdown passes, Hurts displayed his rushing prowess, tallying 760 rushing yards and 13 rushing touchdowns, guiding the Eagles to a Super Bowl LVI appearance. His journey was slated to culminate in the final season of his rookie deal, accompanied by an initial salary of $4.2 million. However, his remuneration has surged to an estimated $51 million per year, including the inaugural inclusion of a no-trade clause in the franchise’s history.

The Cleveland Browns secured Deshaun Watson’s services through a comprehensive five-year pact, encompassing a total sum of $230 million, in its entirety. The signing date of this momentous agreement remains a vital historical detail.

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