“The Charlotte Hornets’ Bold Move with 2021 First-Round Pick Kai Jones”

In a surprising turn of events, the Charlotte Hornets made a bold decision to waive their 2021 first-round pick, Kai Jones. This Hornets unexpected move has raised eyebrows among NBA enthusiasts and fans alike. Let’s delve into the details of this decision and its potential implications for the Hornets.

The eve of Tuesday marked a moment of jubilation as the Golden Knights ceremoniously unfurled their Stanley Cup banner. However, this joyous occasion was not without its wounds. The team will be deprived of the services of two key forwards, William Carrier and Brett Howden, as they prepare to face the San Jose Sharks on Thursday evening (Vegas 34, 7:30 p.m.).

Howden faced disciplinary action, receiving a two-game suspension for an illicit check to the head of Seattle Kraken’s forward, Brandon Tanev, during the third period of Vegas‘ victorious 4-1 game. This action warranted a match penalty. Today, Howden had a hearing with the NHL’s Department of Player Safety.

Carrier exited the game with a mere 12 minutes remaining in the second period, nursing an upper-body injury, and did not return to the ice. Coach Bruce Cassidy informed us that Carrier is presently undergoing a battery of tests to ascertain the extent of his injury.

This circumstance affords Pavel Dorofeyev the opportunity to make his debut this season. The 22-year-old winger engaged in an intense preseason competition with Paul Cotter for the vacant third-line left wing position. Cotter emerged victorious and will now skate alongside William Karlsson and Michael Amadio on the second line.

In light of Carrier’s absence, forward Jonas Røndbjerg will be summoned from AHL Henderson to take his place on the fourth line. Meanwhile, Cotter’s elevation to the second line will see him join Chandler Stephenson and Mark Stone, while Dorofeyev pairs with Karlsson and Amadio.

Cassidy commented on the selection of Røndbjerg, stating, “It’s more about identifying the best fit for Will’s position. We witnessed commendable performances from several wingers during the camp, and Ronnie seems to be the most suitable if we opt for that route.”

The Golden Knights’ depth is presently facing a stringent examination, with defensemen Zach Whitecloud and Alec Martinez sidelined for an indefinite period due to upper-body injuries. Consequently, veteran defenseman Ben Hutton and Silver Knights captain Brayden Pachal will form the third pairing in the foreseeable future.

The depth of the forward lineup played a pivotal role in the previous season and during the playoffs. This juncture offers the Golden Knights the chance to assess the capabilities of both their young forwards concurrently.

Cotter expressed confidence, stating, “I believe our organization’s strength lies significantly in its remarkable depth. Pav is ready to step up. He possesses the potential to be a regular NHL player, a fact he has substantiated. The AHL players, too, have valuable game experience. I am optimistic we will fare well.”

In another development, Logan Thompson is set to make his debut this season on Thursday, marking his first regular-season start since March 23. The All-Star goalie for Vegas had only two starts post-All-Star break, neither of which he completed due to lower-body injuries.

After departing the game on February 9 against Minnesota in the early stages of the third period, he made a return a little over a month later in Calgary, only to aggravate the injury, leading to his shutdown for the remainder of the season.

Thompson delivered an impressive performance in the preseason, making 31 saves in a 4-3 win against the Colorado Avalanche, marking his first complete game since his return.

Cassidy emphasized Thompson’s need for game time, stating, “He needs to get out there. He has put in considerable effort during the camp. I believe he looks promising; he appears to be in good health and moves well.”

In a manner reminiscent of the past season, Cassidy is meticulously planning the starting lineup, alternating between Thompson and Adin Hill on a monthly basis. Hill, who made an impressive 32 saves on Tuesday, will take charge on Saturday against Anaheim.

Cassidy added that decisions will be influenced by injuries and performance. Given Hill’s strong performance extending back to the playoffs and Thompson’s return, an equitable distribution of playtime seems to be the prudent choice.

“This will be a thorough evaluation based on a series of games, not just a single match,” Cassidy stated.It will encompass a month’s worth of work, divided between the two, and we will determine how we allocate duties in November.”

The Charlotte Hornets’ Bold Move: Waiving 2021 First-Round Pick Kai Jones


In a surprising turn of events, the Charlotte Hornets made a bold decision to waive their 2021 first-round pick, Kai Jones. This Hornets unexpected move has raised eyebrows among NBA enthusiasts and fans alike. Let’s delve into the details of this decision and its potential implications for the Hornets.

1. Kai Jones: A Rising Star

Kai Jones, a talented power forward/center, was a standout player during his college days at the University of Texas. Known for his athleticism, agility, and shot-blocking abilities, Jones displayed great potential in the 2021 NBA Draft.

2. The Draft Day Selection

The Charlotte Hornets selected Kai Jones with the 19th overall pick in the 2021 NBA Draft, seeing him as a valuable addition to their roster with the potential to bolster their frontcourt.

3. Preseason Performance

During the preseason, Jones showed glimpses of his talent, displaying his prowess in rebounding, shot-blocking, and offensive contributions. However, like many rookies, he faced challenges adjusting to the professional level.

4. The Waiver Decision

The decision to waive Kai Jones was undoubtedly a tough one for the Charlotte Hornets‘ management. Waiving a first-round pick of Hornets is a significant move, and it raises questions about the team’s future plans and roster dynamics.

5. Salary Cap Considerations

One factor that likely influenced this decision is the team’s consideration of the salary cap. Making room within the cap is crucial for acquiring and retaining key players, and waiving Jones might have been a strategic financial decision.

6. Roster Optimization

In an intensely competitive league like the NBA, teams are continually looking to optimize their rosters to achieve the right balance of talent and experience. The Hornets’ management may have felt that waiving Jones was necessary to align with their long-term roster strategy.

7. Future Prospects

For Kai Jones, being waived by the Hornets does not mark the end of his NBA journey. Other teams may see potential in this young talent and offer him opportunities to continue his career and showcase his skills on a bigger stage.

8. Fan Reactions and Speculations

The waiving of Kai Jones has triggered a variety of reactions among fans. Speculations about the reasons behind this decision and its potential impact on the team’s performance in the upcoming season are rampant.

9. The Team’s Future Moves

The Charlotte Hornets’ decision to waive Kai Jones also hints at possible future moves they may have in mind. It’s plausible that they are eyeing other prospects or preparing for future trades that will bolster their roster in other areas.

10. Conclusion

The Charlotte Hornets’ bold move to waive their 2021 first-round pick, Kai Jones, has ignited discussions within the basketball community. Time will reveal the wisdom of this decision and its effects on both the player and the team. As the NBA season unfolds, fans will keenly observe how this strategic move plays out for the Hornets and their aspirations in the league.

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