Simone Biles Clinches Remarkable AP Female Athlete of the Year 2023 for Third Consecutive Time!


Simone Biles Secures AP Female Athlete of the Year Title for the Third Occasion

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Simone Biles has clinched the AP Female Athlete of the Year accolade for the third time, and the anticipation surrounding this achievement was inevitable. As Simone Biles graced the suburban Chicago arena in late July for her initial gymnastics competition in a span of two years, the curiosity regarding the unfolding events was palpable.

Biles, sporting a smile, commented, “I pondered the same; fear not.”

At the conclusion of the rotation, the gymnastic virtuoso, holding the record for the most adorned gymnast to date, sensed the realization that she had reoccupied her secure haven. By the culmination of August, she stood as a national champion once again. By October, she had reclaimed her status as a world champion. And by December, she was once again crowned the Associated Press Female Athlete of the Year.

Indeed, another instance.

American gymnast Simone Biles is the recipient of the AP Female Athlete of the Year award for 2023, securing the honor for the third time. The 26-year-old athlete clinched her eighth American national title in August, and in October, she added a sixth world all-around gold medal. Tim Clayton/Corbis image accessed through Getty Images.

Her triumphant resurgence, marked by her historic eighth American national championship and her sixth world all-around gold by October, solidified Biles as the sixth woman to claim the AP honor on three occasions. In the vote conducted by a panel of sports media professionals, the 26-year-old outshone seven-time Olympic medalist Iowa basketball star Caitlin Clark and Spanish footballer Eitana Bonmati, the Golden Ball recipient of the World Cup.

Contemplating the warm night on the bustling arena floor, where support reverberated at every juncture, an unforeseen anticipation lingered. Graciously attributing her success to her coaches, Biles acknowledged the unanticipated positive response on social media following that night.

Apportioning blame proves challenging.

The last occasion Biles acknowledged the judges was when she secured a bronze on the balance beam at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, a fortnight after withdrawing from numerous finals due to the “twisties.” Dialogues concerning athletes and their mental well-being, at times uncomfortable, were thrust into the limelight solely through the prism of sports.

While she garnered widespread acclaim for prioritizing her safety, a swift perusal of social media unveiled dissenting opinions. Opting for a two-year hiatus, she labeled it her “protective shield.” During therapeutic sessions, she delved into her well-being, aspiring for a return on her own terms.

Nevertheless, she did not evade self-doubt. Rather than allowing apprehension to undermine her confidence, this time around, she acknowledged its presence, took a profound breath, and exhibited the resilience that is distinctly hers. In solitude.

Biles remarked, “I surpassed my expectations.”

As she always does.

Biles previously attained the AP honor in 2016 and 2019, epochs in her life she likely perceives with difficulty now. Post her stellar performance at the Rio de Janeiro Olympics, she was still an adolescent, residing with her parents. Her world revolved around the gymnasium her family erected in the suburbs of Houston.

Considering this, she couldn’t help but shake her head a bit. Biles recollects thinking she only had time for practice and, if fortunate, a manicure. Now, that is no longer the case. She has consciously chosen not to pigeonhole the sport she revolutionized.

In spring, Biles entered matrimony with security guard Jonathan Owens of the Green Bay Packers. Juggling her time between attending Packers games, collaborating with her corporate associates, and overseeing the intricacies of the home she and her husband are constructing, her schedule is partitioned.

A facet of her metamorphosis is inherent. Another facet is intentional. For an extended duration, she allowed herself to become ensnared in a discipline where perfection is genuinely unattainable, fixating on the outcomes of every maneuver, every twist, every practice. She expressed, “When I was 19, if a bad day occurred, it felt like the end of the world.” “Now I affirm, ‘It’s acceptable, it’s merely gymnastics, and I’ll return tomorrow, and we’ll commence anew.'”

Biles isn’t jesting when she asserts she is striving to embrace a “one day at a time” perspective, a feat not easily accomplished for someone cognizant of her propensity to envision “the best-case scenario/worst-case scenario” in every minutiae. She wasn’t particularly lighthearted about her reentry into competition by the conclusion of spring when coach Cecile Landi intimated to Margaritas that it might be opportune to unveil what Biles had been diligently working on.

Her response was somewhat “sure, okay,” a tone implying she might never be entirely prepared.

“I didn’t know what I was hoping for,” said Biles, crediting those in her orbit for maintaining faith in her when she grappled with self-assurance. “People were like, ‘No, we’ve seen you in training; this is what should have happened.'”

And what should have happened is precisely what almost always has, as Biles commenced to embrace her standards and mold them according to her desire. It wasn’t merely that she emerged victorious; it was the manner in which she accomplished it. Her intricate and gravity-defying gymnastics became more meticulous. Over the span of a decade, she navigated the labyrinthine and anti-gravitational equilibrium with heightened precision.

This wasn’t solely about triumph but also about the methodology she employed. Her elaborate and gravity-defying routines became more exacting. Over the last decade, she has traversed the balance between intricacy and anti-gravity with greater precision.

Simone Biles Clinches Remarkable AP Female Athlete of the Year 2023 for Third Consecutive Time!


Simone Biles, the prodigious gymnast, has once again etched her name in history by clinching the prestigious AP Female Athlete of the Year award for the third consecutive time in 2023. This remarkable achievement solidifies her status as one of the greatest athletes of our time, and her journey to this point is nothing short of extraordinary.

Simone Biles’ Dominance in Gymnastics

From a young age, Biles displayed unparalleled talent and dedication to the sport of gymnastics. Her journey to becoming an icon in the field has been marked by unprecedented success. With a string of Olympic gold medals and world championship titles, she has not only dominated the gymnastics scene but has also elevated the sport to new heights globally.

AP Female Athlete of the Year Award

The AP Female Athlete of the Year award stands as a testament to an athlete’s exceptional prowess, both on and off the field. The criteria for selection encompass not only sporting achievements but also factors such as sportsmanship, leadership, and impact on society. Past winners include legends like Serena Williams and Mia Hamm, further highlighting the prestige of this accolade.

Simone Biles’ Previous AP Female Athlete of the Year Titles

Before delving into her latest victory, let’s take a moment to recap Simone Biles’ previous wins of the AP Female Athlete of the Year title. Her consistent excellence has set her apart from other athletes, and each win has been a chapter in her journey to sustained success.

The 2023 AP Female Athlete of the Year Announcement

The much-anticipated announcement of the 2023 AP Female Athlete of the Year had the sports community on the edge of their seats. As the news broke, the reaction was swift and overwhelmingly positive. Social media platforms buzzed with congratulations, and fellow athletes acknowledged Biles’ unparalleled achievements.

Simone Biles’ Impact Beyond the Gym

Biles’ influence extends far beyond her gymnastics prowess. Engaging in advocacy and philanthropy work, she has become an inspirational role model for aspiring athletes globally. Her commitment to breaking barriers in sports, especially for female athletes, has reshaped the narrative of what is possible in the world of athletics.

Challenges Faced by Simone Biles

However, Biles’ journey hasn’t been without its challenges. The spotlight on her also brought forth the struggles she faced with mental health. The public response and support she received during those challenging times demonstrated not only her resilience but also the evolving conversation around mental health in sports.

Burstiness of Simone Biles’ Achievements

Simone Biles’ journey is characterized by burstiness, overcoming unexpected challenges, and achieving victories that defy conventional expectations. Her ability to rise to the occasion and deliver outstanding performances, even in the face of unforeseen obstacles, has been a defining aspect of her career.

Perplexity in Simone Biles’ Journey

The perplexity of Simone Biles’ journey lies in its unconventional nature. From her unique contributions to gymnastics routines to her unorthodox approach to fame and personal life, Biles has navigated her path with a distinctiveness that adds layers of complexity to her story.

The Essence of Simone Biles’ Legacy

As Biles continues to make history, the essence of her legacy becomes more apparent. Her impact on future generations of athletes, especially women, cannot be overstated. She has not only redefined the standards of excellence in gymnastics but has also left an indelible mark on the broader sports world.



In conclusion, Simone Biles’ third consecutive win of the AP Female Athlete of the Year award is a testament to her enduring excellence and profound impact on the world of sports. Her journey, marked by dominance, challenges, and triumphs, is a source of inspiration for athletes and fans alike. As we celebrate her achievements, we eagerly anticipate the next chapters in the remarkable story of Simone Biles.


Q1. What makes Simone Biles a standout athlete?

Simone Biles stands out due to her unparalleled success in gymnastics, her unique contributions to the sport, and her impact on breaking barriers for female athletes.

Q2. How many Olympic gold medals has she won?

Simone Biles has won a total of 19 Olympic and World Championship gold medals, solidifying her as one of the most decorated gymnasts in history.

Q3. Why is the AP Female Athlete of the Year award prestigious?

The AP Female Athlete of the Year award is prestigious because it recognizes not only sporting achievements but also factors like sportsmanship

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