“Touchdown Time: Chip Kelly Joins Ohio State as Offensive Coordinator, February 9, 2024!”

Ohio State, on February 9, 2024, appointed Chip Kelly as the offensive coordinator (OC) in place of Bill O’Brien. Ohio State coach Chip Kelly was named the new aggressive coordinator and quarterback coach in Ohio, the school announced on Friday night.

Kelly takes over for Bill O’Brien, who was named coach at Boston College at the start of Friday. Ohio State had appointed O’Brien as coach in mid-January under a step taken by coach Ryan Day, who had decided not to call the plays and to run the program more comprehensively.

Kelly and the rest agreed to a three-year deal. Terms were not disclosed, but sources told ESPN they expect Kelly to take a pay cut of over $4 million with this move as he had earned nearly $6 million at Ohio State.

Sources said that, in addition, Ohio State will have to pay Kelly $1.5 million. Day said, “We are thrilled to have Chip and his wife, Jill, join our program.” “His experience as a head coach in Oregon, the NFL, and the USC will immediately benefit our entire team. I am truly excited to reconnect with Chip, introduce him to our staff and team, and eagerly pursue a championship together.”


“I would also like to extend my best wishes to Coach Bill O’Brien and his family as they take over at Boston College.”

Earlier on Friday, Ohio State announced that Kelly is leaving the program and a national search for a new head coach has begun.

Kelly’s departure from Ohio State is driven by his desire to return to coaching, inspired by coaching Ohio State’s quarterback in the Bruins Bowl game this year. This is the first time in over a decade that Kelly has trained at any position.

During his six seasons at Ohio State, Kelly went 35-34 ahead, concluding his tenure with three consecutive successful campaigns. He joins Jeff Hafley (Packers), Mo Linguist (Alabama), and Ken Wommack (Alabama) as the fourth college coach to step down in this cycle after working as an assistant coach.

Ohio State athletic director Martin Jarmond said he told the team that the plan is to appoint a new coach within four days.

Jarmond said, “Time is a challenge.”

“We are looking for a permanent leader for our program. I told the team to give us 96 hours. It could be sooner or later. But we are moving forward quickly. That’s the priority.”

Kelly has interviewed for several NFL coaching positions in this cycle, including recently for the Seahawks‘ OC position. Instead, he heads to college, where he will reunite with his longtime friend and former assistant coach, Day. Kelly has a decades-old relationship with Day, as both are from New Hampshire. Kelly coached Day at the college level, and Day worked with Kelly in the NFL with the Eagles and 49ers.

Kelly has long been regarded as a talented playcaller, having worked as an aggressive coordinator and head coach for extended periods at New Hampshire and Oregon. As he became head coach at Oregon and then in the NFL, he remained a play-caller, and, consciously, his offenses transitioned more deliberately to the NFL style.

He will bring an assault to a strong roster that includes transfer quarterbacks Will Howard, Trevell Johnson, Quinton Judkins, and Ameka Egbo. Ohio State starts spring practice on March 5.

Boston College hired Bill O’Brien as head coach Boston College has appointed Bill O’Brien as the school’s next head coach, giving the Massachusetts native a homecoming and a job with extensive NFL experience and strong local ties to the Eagles.

O’Brien, who took the Ohio State aggressive coordinator job last month, personally interviewed on Thursday, which was the final phase of Boston College’s process. He was one of three candidates traveling to Massachusetts for interviews on Thursday.

Eagles athletic director Blake James said, “When we started this search, we prioritized finding a coach who believes in our mission and vision, who has a plan for excellence on and off the field, and who will tirelessly strive to elevate BC football to new heights. “Bill is a gifted leader with a wealth of experience leading teams and coaching at the collegiate and professional levels. He is the ideal candidate to lead Boston College to new heights because of his enthusiasm for mentoring young men and teaching football.”

54-year-old O’Brien, a former head coach for Penn State and the Houston Texans, is most known for his time in Boston with the New England Patriots. He coached there most prominently as an aggressive coordinator and quarterback coach from 2007 to 2011, and then in 2023.

According to James, “Bill is a talented leader who has had tremendous success as a head coach and coordinator at both the collegiate and NFL levels.” “His passion for teaching football and developing young men makes him the right fit to take Boston College to new heights.”

In Andover, O’Brien was well-known on the local scene. Michael, one of his kids, attends Tufts to play collegiate baseball. Although his family had intended to reside in Columbus while he was employed there, rumors have it that this opportunity has allowed them to remain near their relatives in the Greater Boston area.

O’Brien’s extensive coaching experience spans both the college and NFL levels, making him a valuable asset to Boston College’s football program. With his track record of success as both a head coach and coordinator, O’Brien brings a wealth of knowledge and leadership to the Eagles.

During his tenure with the New England Patriots, O’Brien played a pivotal role in the team’s success, particularly as an offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach. His contributions helped shape the Patriots into one of the most formidable teams in the NFL.

Now, with his appointment as the head coach of Boston College, O’Brien has the opportunity to make a significant impact on the program and guide it to new heights. His passion for the game and dedication to developing young athletes make him an ideal fit for the position.

Boston College’s decision to hire O’Brien reflects their commitment to excellence both on and off the field. By bringing in a coach of O’Brien’s caliber, the Eagles are poised to build a competitive and successful football program for years to come.

O’Brien’s appointment signals a new chapter for Boston College football, one that is marked by ambition, determination, and a commitment to excellence. As he takes the reins of the program, O’Brien will undoubtedly bring his extensive coaching experience, strategic acumen, and passion for developing student-athletes both on and off the field.

With a track record of success at both the collegiate and professional levels, O’Brien’s leadership will be instrumental in shaping the future of Boston College football. His ability to cultivate talent, implement effective game plans, and instill a winning mentality in his players will be crucial as the Eagles strive for success in the highly competitive landscape of college football.

Moreover, O’Brien’s ties to the local community and his understanding of the New England sports culture further strengthen his position as the ideal candidate to lead Boston College football. His familiarity with the region, coupled with his proven track record of success, positions him well to connect with fans, alumni, and supporters of the program.

Overall, O’Brien’s appointment represents a significant milestone for Boston College football and underscores the program’s commitment to achieving excellence at the highest level. With O’Brien at the helm, the Eagles are poised to embark on an exciting journey filled with promise, potential, and the pursuit of championships.

Chip Kelly’s appointment as Ohio State’s offensive coordinator marks a new chapter in both his career and the Buckeyes’ football program. With his innovative approach and track record of success, expectations are high for Kelly to elevate Ohio State’s offense to new heights.

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Touchdown Time: Chip Kelly Joins Ohio State as Offensive Coordinator, February 9, 2024!

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Welcome to the exciting news of Chip Kelly joining Ohio State as Offensive Coordinator on February 9, 2024! Read on to discover how this move will impact the football landscape and what it means for the team’s future success.


Chip Kelly, a renowned figure in college football coaching, has made headlines once again with his latest career move. On February 9, 2024, he officially joined Ohio State as offensive coordinator, sparking widespread anticipation and speculation. In this article, we delve into the details of this significant development, exploring the implications for both Kelly and the Ohio State football program.


Chip Kelly’s Background and Coaching Career

Early Career

Kelly began his coaching journey at various colleges, including Columbia University and the University of New Hampshire.

Success at Oregon

His meteoric rise to fame came during his tenure at the University of Oregon, where he revolutionized offensive football with his high-tempo, spread offense.

NFL Stints

Kelly later ventured into the NFL, coaching the Philadelphia Eagles and the San Francisco 49ers, albeit with mixed success.

Ohio State’s Football Program

Tradition and Success

Ohio State boasts one of the most storied football programs in the country, with numerous national championships and legendary coaches.

Recent Performance

Despite consistent success, the Buckeyes have faced challenges in recent years, particularly on the offensive side of the ball.

Impact of Chip Kelly’s Arrival

Offensive Philosophy

Kelly’s offensive schemes are renowned for their innovation and explosiveness, promising to inject new life into Ohio State’s offense.

Recruiting Boost

His reputation as a dynamic coach could attract top-tier talent to Columbus, bolstering Ohio State’s recruiting efforts.

Potential Tactical Changes

Fans speculate on the adjustments Kelly might make to Ohio State’s offensive approach, anticipating a more aggressive and dynamic style of play.

Reaction from Fans and Analysts

The announcement of Kelly’s hiring has elicited a range of reactions, from excitement to skepticism, among Buckeyes supporters and football analysts alike.

Breaking News: Chip Kelly’s Arrival at Ohio State

In a surprising turn of events, Chip Kelly has chosen to take on a new role at Ohio State University. His appointment as offensive coordinator marks a significant moment in college football history, stirring excitement among fans and experts alike. Let’s delve into the reasons behind this groundbreaking decision and its potential impact on the sport.

Chip Kelly’s Background and Expertise

To understand the significance of Chip Kelly’s arrival at Ohio State, it’s essential to examine his illustrious career and coaching philosophy. From his successful tenure at the University of Oregon to his stints in the NFL, Kelly has earned a reputation for innovative offensive strategies and player development. His track record speaks volumes about his ability to elevate teams to new heights, making him a highly sought-after coaching talent.

Ohio State’s Strategic Move

The decision to bring Chip Kelly on board reflects Ohio State’s commitment to excellence and innovation. By securing Kelly’s services, the university aims to strengthen its offensive capabilities and maintain its competitive edge in the fiercely contested world of college football. This strategic move signals Ohio State’s intention to remain at the forefront of the sport, leveraging Kelly’s expertise to achieve sustained success.

Impact on Recruiting and Player Development

Chip Kelly’s presence at Ohio State is poised to have a significant impact on recruiting efforts and player development initiatives. His reputation as a visionary coach and mentor is likely to attract top-tier talent to the program, enhancing the team’s depth and skill level. Moreover, Kelly’s proven track record of nurturing young athletes bodes well for the long-term growth and success of Ohio State’s football program.

Strategies for Success: Chip Kelly’s Offensive Blueprint

As offensive coordinator, Chip Kelly brings with him a wealth of strategic knowledge and tactical acumen. Known for his up-tempo offense and creative play-calling, Kelly is expected to implement a dynamic offensive blueprint that keeps opponents on their toes. Ohio State fans can look forward to an exciting brand of football characterized by innovation, versatility, and high-scoring performances.

Building a Championship Contender

With Chip Kelly at the helm of the offense, Ohio State is primed to become a perennial championship contender. His proven ability to orchestrate high-powered offenses and maximize player potential positions the team for sustained success on the national stage. As the Buckeyes strive for greatness, Kelly’s leadership will be instrumental in shaping their journey towards championship glory.

Fan Reactions and Expectations

The news of Chip Kelly’s arrival at Ohio State has sparked a wave of excitement and optimism among fans. With expectations running high, supporters eagerly anticipate the impact he will have on the team’s performance and overall success. As the upcoming season unfolds, all eyes will be on Kelly and the Buckeyes as they embark on a journey fueled by determination and championship aspirations.


Chip Kelly’s appointment as offensive coordinator at Ohio State heralds a new era of innovation and excitement for Buckeyes fans. With his proven track record of success and visionary approach to coaching, Kelly is poised to lead Ohio State to new heights of achievement on the gridiron. As the football world eagerly awaits the unfolding of this new chapter, one thing is certain: touchdown time has arrived at Ohio State.


FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What prompted Chip Kelly to join Ohio State?

Chip Kelly’s decision to join Ohio State was influenced by the university’s prestigious football program and its commitment to excellence both on and off the field.

How will Chip Kelly’s arrival impact Ohio State’s offensive strategy?

Chip Kelly’s arrival is expected to usher in a more dynamic and innovative offensive approach, characterized by creative play-calling and strategic ingenuity.

What are the expectations for Ohio State with Chip Kelly as offensive coordinator?

With Chip Kelly on board, Ohio State fans anticipate heightened success and competitiveness, with the potential for championship contention in the near future.

Will Chip Kelly’s coaching style align with Ohio State’s football philosophy?

Chip Kelly’s coaching style is known for its emphasis on fast-paced, high-scoring offense, which aligns closely with Ohio State’s tradition of excellence and aggressive play.

How will Chip Kelly’s presence impact recruiting efforts at Ohio State?

Chip Kelly’s reputation as a transformative coach is likely to attract top-tier talent to Ohio State, bolstering the team’s roster and enhancing its competitiveness in recruiting battles.

What challenges might Chip Kelly face in his new role at Ohio State?

While Chip Kelly brings a wealth of experience and expertise to Ohio State, he may encounter challenges in adapting to a new environment and building chemistry with players and staff.

Will Chip Kelly’s arrival immediately translate to on-field success for Ohio State?

While Kelly’s hiring brings excitement, it will take time for his strategies to fully integrate and yield results on the field.

What challenges might Chip Kelly face in transitioning to the college game?

Adapting to the unique dynamics of collegiate football, including recruiting, player development, and the intensity of the college football landscape, could present initial hurdles for Kelly.

How might Chip Kelly’s offensive philosophy differ from Ohio State’s previous approach?

Kelly’s emphasis on tempo, innovation, and aggressive play-calling could signal a departure from Ohio State’s more traditional offensive strategies.

What impact could Chip Kelly’s hiring have on Ohio State’s recruiting efforts?

Kelly’s reputation as a dynamic and innovative coach could attract high-caliber recruits to Ohio State, enhancing the team’s talent pool.

What are some key areas where Ohio State fans can expect to see improvements under Chip Kelly’s leadership?

Fans can anticipate enhancements in offensive creativity, tempo, and overall efficiency under Kelly’s guidance.

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