The focus of the hottest sporting event continues to be Lionel Messi’s association with Inter Miami.

Lionel Messi


At BMO Stadium in Los Angeles on Sunday night, Inter Miami decisively defeated defending MLS champion LAFC with a 3-1 victory. Messi contributed to two goals that were scored in the second half.

Lionel said in his postgame interview with Apple TV, “It was a fantastic test for us to assess where we are, what we were capable of.

“We faced up against the previous champion in a challenging environment, and we came out on top. Every day, the team expands, and we plan to strive to make the [postseason].”

Messi, the seven-time Ballon d’Or winner and 2022 World Cup champion, failed to score for the third time in his last 11 appearances since joining Inter Miami. He didn’t have to, though.

Selena Gomez and Prince Harry were among the high-profile attendees who witnessed Lionel and Miami’s victory over LAFC in a star-studded crowd.

Two timely passes from Messi’s left boot gave spectators and famous people like Selena Gomez, Prince Harry, Leonardo DiCaprio, and others the graceful magnificence they had come to see.
Inter Miami is still unbeaten during the Messi era thanks to goals from Facu Farias in the 18th minute, Jordi Alba (a colleague from their time playing for FC Barcelona) in the 51st minute, and youngster Leo Campana in the 83rd.

On August 19, He and Inter Miami won the Leagues Cup final. On September 26, they will compete for a second championship in the U.S. Open Cup final. The Eastern Conference’s ninth-place team, D.C. United, is eight points ahead of Inter Miami in the MLS postseason race.
Despite having a 22-9 shot advantage and six shots on goal, LAFC was unable to score until Ryan Hollingshead’s header in the 90th minute brought the game’s final score closer than it otherwise would have been.
Since Lionel signed in late July, Inter Miami has gone 10-1-0 (win-draw-loss) in its last 11 games.

He departs for Inter Miami to represent Argentina in World Cup qualifying.

Messi will take a flight to Argentina following the game to assist his country in re-qualifying for the World Cup with two more games this month.

As a result, Lionel is expected to miss upcoming game against Sporting Kansas City on September 9 at DRV PNK Stadium in Fort Lauderdale.

On September 7 at the Estadio Monumental in Buenos Aires, Messi will play for the Argentine team against Ecuador. On September 12 at the Estadio Hernando Siles in La Paz, Bolivia, the team’s second qualifying encounter against Bolivia will also feature Messi in attendance.
The two games he will play in could affect his availability for Inter Miami’s encounter against Atlanta United on September 16 at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta.
Following the LAFC game, Messi visits Owen Wilson’s family.
Following the game, Messi embraced actor Owen Wilson on the field as people slowly surrounded him for autographs.

How difficult was LAFC’s 3-1 victory over Inter Miami?

LAFC presented a challenging test because they had won their previous four home games 18-1.

Inter Miami did a fantastic job of it in vibrant pink and black.

LAFC is an excellent squad. We knew it was going to be difficult. In his Apple TV postgame interview, Inter Miami’s DeAndre Yedlin said, “We knew it was going to be tough, but once we scored the first one, we smelled a little bit of blood, and kept going from there. “It inspires great confidence in us. Even while it is a great triumph for us, there is still work to be done. We’re moving on to the following one.

Inter Miami 3, LAFC 1 (Ryan Hollingshead goal)
For LAFC, it is now too late.
Just before extra time began in the 90th minute, Ryan Hollingshead scored a header from a set piece to give LAFC the lead.

Although LAFC’s goal makes the game appear closer than it actually was all night, Inter Miami won’t be able to keep this one scoreless.

Inter Miami 3, LAFC 0 (Leo Campana goal)

The proper pass. at the proper moment. And Leo Messi and Inter Miami’s Hollywood ending.

Leo Campana was streaking down the right side of the field when Messi chased him up the field with all his might. In the 83rd minute, Campana’s left-footed effort struck the back of the net to give Inter Miami a 3-0 advantage.

Messi hasn’t scored in this match, but he still made an impression on LAFC with two assists.
Inter Miami 2, LAFC 0; Messi gets a look, but doesn’t contribute.
Messi attempted to shoot twice while he was close to the goal but was unsuccessful.

Leo Campana passed to Messi off his shoulder in the 75th minute to set up a corner kick.

Messi pounced on a pass that was thrown over his head three minutes earlier and waited for his Inter Miami teammates to join him. Messi passed to Facu Farias in the 72nd minute despite the LAFC defenders being directly in his path. Farias missed. Shortly after, Farias committed a foul out of annoyance and was given a yellow card.
In the 69th minute, Ryan Hollingshead of LAFC had a shot that missed the goal. LAFC has had plenty of chances in this one.
Drake Callendar excels in the second period: Inter Miami goaltender scores two goals against LAFC. In the 60th minute, LAFC’s Dénis Bouanga attempted two shots, but Drake Callendar made two saves to prevent LAFC from scoring.

Since Messi joined the team, Callendar, wearing a new hairstyle, has been Inter Miami’s most significant player outside of Messi.

Facundo Faras missed a shot in the 57th minute that would have further opened up the game just before Callendar’s saves.

Inter Miami 2, LAFC 0 (Jordi Alba goal)

When Jordi Alba was sprinting toward the goal, Leo Messi spotted him, and Alba scored.
After the break, Inter Miami leads LAFC 2-0 thanks to a goal in the 51st minute.
All three of the former FC Barcelona standouts who joined Inter Miami this summer contributed to Alba’s goal, which was set up by Sergio Busquets’ pass to Messi.

When Jordi Alba was sprinting toward the goal, Leo Messi spotted him, and Alba scored.
After the break, Inter Miami leads LAFC 2-0 thanks to a goal in the 51st minute.
All three of the former FC Barcelona standouts who joined Inter Miami this summer contributed to Alba’s goal, which was set up by Sergio Busquets’ pass to Messi.

Messi has not yet scored in this match, but he has provided an assist, and Inter Miami is well in the lead.

Inter Miami led LAFC 1 to 0 at the break.

Inter Miami and Leo Messi are ahead of LAFC 1-0 at the half.

Messi has missed two shots so far in this encounter and has yet to score.But goalkeeper Drake Callendar made numerous saves to prevent LAFC from scoring after Inter Miami’s Facu Farias scored in the 14th minute.
At halftime during the Apple TV broadcast, Messi’s longstanding Barcelona and Argentina coach Tata Martino was interviewed.
It’s been a level game, according to Martino, and a “beautiful game to watch, great spectacle.”

Selena Gomez cannot believe Messi missed in the 37th minute as Inter Miami defeated LAFC 1–0.

Diego Gomez threw a pass to Messi. He took a position and unleashed his left boot. John McCarthy, the goalie for LAFC, blocked the attempt.

The best part, though, happened after Messi’s miss.

When Messi missed in the 37th minute, Selena Gomez in the fans could not believe her eyes. The broadcast captured her reaction.

Just before halftime, Inter Miami is up 1-0 and all the stars are out in Los Angeles.
Perhaps Prince Harry supports LAFC: Inter Miami defeats LAFC 1–0
The initial shot by Leo Messi was straight at the LAFC goalie.

However, a minute earlier in the broadcast, Prince Harry was seen distraught about a chance lost by LAFC. In the 26th minute, Mario González’s left foot hit the outside of the goal.

During the opening 28 minutes of this game, Inter Miami goalkeeper Drake Callendar, a great in the Messi era, had stopped at least six LAFC shots.

Inter Miami defeats LAFC, 1–0, on a Facundo Farias strike.

One of Inter Miami’s brilliant young players has scored, putting the team on the scoreboard.
After receiving a feed from Tomás Avilés, Facundo Farias connected with a sliding kick from the right side in the 14th minute.
To start celebrating Inter Miami’s 1-0 victory in Los Angeles, Messi ran into Farias’ hands.

What is the kickoff time for today’s game featuring Inter Miami and LAFC?

It’s getting late! Since the game will take place at BMO Stadium in Los Angeles, which is on the West Coast, kickoff is set for 10 p.m. ET. Prepare your coffee and popcorn.

Miami’s starting lineups versus LAFC’s

Just 45 minutes before the two teams’ anticipated entertaining match is set to begin, the starting lineups for Miami and LAFC have both been released.

Celebrities seeing Messi in person tonight include Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, and LeBron James.
As expected, when Inter Miami meets LAFC tonight, Messi won’t be the only famous person in BMO Stadium.
LeBron James, Meghan Markle, Prince Harry, Ted Lasso (real name Jason Sudeikis), Leo DiCaprio, Selena Gomez, Tom Holland, and Will Ferrell are just a few of the famous visitors attending tonight’s match. And LAFC claims that’s only a small sample.

It appears like Messi Mania has engulfed the world.
In the most recent game, how did Messi and Miami fare?
Since the GOAT joined the MLS in June, Messi and Miami have been on a tear. But they hit somewhat of a brick wall against Nashville on Wednesday.

Since Messi joined the league, Nashville FC became the first MLS team to hold Miami without a goal, clinging on for a 0-0 tie. (Remember, Miami upset Nashville in the Leagues Cup final, playing to a 1-1 stalemate before earning the trophy on PKs, 10-9). Miami played 10 games in 40 days prior to the match against Nashville. How recent are the legs of the players right now?

It should be clear by now that LA is the place to be tonight.

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